Thank you for visiting my Blog. As you have just clicked on ABOUT, I take the liberty of assuming that a tale on how this blog came into being, as well as a few intimate details on this author, may be in order.

The blog: The post-2000 commoditization of medical imaging and its aftermath, and how I started Biotronics3D with Soeren, were this blog’s impetus, together with my conviction that nothing can make proper sense in this globalized and increasingly flat planet in terms of the presumptions and dogmas that prevailed Radiology prior to 2000. Especially when it comes to imaging services which, in my considered opinion, has entered an existentialist crisis (and not just an economic one) due to ever increasing size and complexity of data, the proliferation of imaging outside the confines of Radiology and the incapacity of healthcare eco-systems to withstand the shockwaves of that. As a result, Radiologists are required to take critical disease management decisions whilst suffering from the effects of digital information obesity and stimulus overload. Do more for less and then do much more for much less. Thus the blog title: do doctors dream of electric sheep? A blog dedicated to the dissemination of ideas and suggestions concerning the way we interpret and act upon our mad, sad and highly mysterious post-2000 era of commoditized medical imaging and big data.

The author: An accidental CEO. Let me please begin with a confession: I am a CEO who was trained in business only loosely and only much later in his life; However, I fanatically remain and will remain a self-declared nerd, with profound thirst for technology innovation, and a passion for old, red Alfa Romeos, sailing and Miles Davis. I co-founded Biotronics3D back in 2004 trying to create a “controlled” workbench for our crazy ideas and our “what-if” scenaria. 10 years later, I consider interesting that some of our crazy ideas resonated with a big part of our market and we managed to build commercial success out of it.  Good for us! But what was even better for us, was the copious amounts of adrenaline we felt in our bodies every time we were testing our “what-if” hypotheses for the first time. Because it is extraordinary how much you can push the boundaries of innovation if you lose your ability to sleep at nights; an experience that I felt very privileged to be part of, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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