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Dear colleagues,

Offering our remote reporting system free of cost and access to skilled radiologists on demand.

Please let me begin by congratulating the NHS and all healthcare professionals whose bravery and dedication in these challenging times, like always, is commendable!

As we peer through the fog of uncertainty, many traditional methods of operating demand restructuring.  We as service providers have been working very hard to adapt and keep our services running, for clients as well as non-clients.

Last week we offered our system and resources at no extra cost to the radiology community, through the ongoing challenges and beyond. However, although the uptake was large, the most common feedback we received was that the challenge being faced now was not a technical challenge only, but also an ‘access to skills’ challenge. Hospitals around Europe do not have enough radiologists to perform their clinical work. And although this is a chronic weakness of our industry, it seems that COVID-19 and the effects of it, amplified the problem to big proportions. As one manager from a big NHS Trust in London told me two days back, it is not only how to get the images in front of radiologist, but it is also how we find the radiologists in the first place.

I think we can help with that.

Biotronics3D is one of the leading providers of zero footprint cloud based RIS, PACS post processing, Teleradiology and Patient Portal in the market today. Our flagship product 3dnet can manage the whole lifecycle of a radiological examination.

Today our system is a lot more than a PACS/RIS. It is a gateway to a community of over 50,000 healthcare professionals, including radiologists (5,000 and counting), referring doctors, researchers and allied professionals in 17 countries. Through our system we can provide on demand access to this community, to help organizations meet the extraordinary demands of managing the COVID-19 outbreak.

As such we offer:

    1. Our cloud based remote reporting platform is open to doctors and healthcare organisations everywhere at no cost
    2. Our cloud based fully GDPR compliant Patient Portal is open at no cost to help patients access and share their images safely from home
    1. Staying connected matters more now than ever, and we are working to connect radiologists and healthcare companies as the demand grows.
    2. We are connecting radiologists to diagnostic clinics and hospitals and vice versa.
    3. We are bridging the communication gap between doctors, patients and healthcare organisations through our platform and extensive network.
    4. We are constantly linking radiology providers to radiologists with a passion and WITHOUT A FEE from our side.

Please let us know if you need access to radiologists to cope with the extra demand. We have the platform and access to the radiology community to help you with that.

Biotronics3D stands for delivering excellence. Our professional standards are rooted in reliability and respect. In the current hour of crisis, our priority is to safeguard the wellbeing of radiologists, radiographers, allied professionals as well as patients.

So, whether you are an existing client or interested in learning more about our offers and platform, I encourage you to get in touch with us on We do recognise this is a fast moving situation, and our team is working very hard to provide the highest level of support, while continually adapting to changes and demands.